Ella Minnow

Ella Minnow Denton, TX

playing at Sweetwater Grill & Tavern on Friday from 10:30 to 11:30

Mark from the Local Edge (KDGE 102.1) put it best during the 35 Denton festival in 2012: “Ella Minnow has released some of the most underappreciated indie rock in the area.” Ella Minnow is a dynamic seven-piece pop-rock group from Denton, Texas. For the past six years, they have toiled away in their home studio working on five albums while playing hundreds of shows across Texas. Their latest, Honey Sweet Devils is the most comprehensive blend of their current sound. A band born of creative minds with intense love for music of all genres, they are known for their unique sound, catchy choruses, and a lively, passionate energy for what they do. The live shows are exciting and energetic and remind the listener that there is something beyond four chords and a simple love story. Ella Minnow is presently working on their next album and can be found playing shows consistently across Texas.