Eat Avery’s Bones

Eat Avery’s Bones Denton, TX

playing at Dan's Silverleaf on Sunday from 9:30 to 10:30

Your life has led up to reading the following words, this very moment: EAT AVERY’S BONES.

The meaning of the name is inconsequential, as it is far too juvenile to speak of why. What matters is what comes out of these machines, or people if you wish to call them. Unbridled joy meets with moments of personal anguish and regret, and every movement and phrase project the audacity to press forward in spite of it. Eat Avery’s Bones feed off of the tears of their detractors, and embrace passionately with those who wish to lay down their automatic emotional defense, and purely live in the moment.
The members of Eat Avery’s Bones are currently scattered throughout the Texas landscape, and are inspired by everything they come across, even if they don’t know it yet. Anyone with a penchant for melodies boiling in all directions will not be disappointed with what Eat Avery’s Bones produce out of their instrumental holes.

A new EAB album, “We Have No Rhythm” will be released in time for 35 Denton.

New to the band is guitarist Michael Cameron, adding a guitar that heals and destroys all that hear it. That brings the head count to five individuals that live for playing music…and brings people to their knees in gooey ecstasy. Clean up on aisle sixty nine. It’s gonna get messy.