Dim Locator

Dim Locator Denton, TX

playing at Banter on Thursday from 9:30 to 10:30

Dim Locator, the nom de plume of William Kapinos, has been tearing up stages in and around Texas in earnest since 2009. His long awaited debut album, Disturbance In the Field Holler, will finally be released on TXMF Records in spring of 2013. His first collection of original songs since the release of his former group Jetscreamer’s debut album in 2003, the album showcases a more organic, personal approach to songwriting that’s more representative of the man than the avant-stomp-bluesman persona he started out with. And the new approach isn’t just relegated to the recording aspect of his music, either. The latter part of 2012 has found him playing a few gigs here and there with the great Clay Stinnett on drums and Dove Hunter bandmate Chad DeAtley on bass to add yet another dimension to the Dim Locator sound. 2013 looks to be another solid year in the evolution of a local legend who never looks back.