Diamond Age

Diamond Age Dallas, TX

playing at Hailey's on Sunday from 10:30 to 11:30

DIAMOND AGE is M. Leer. For nearly a decade, Leer played as a member of Mandarin (Bella Union), Baptist Generals (Sub Pop), History at Our Disposal (Creative Capitalism), Paul Duncan (Home Tapes), as well as the short lived bands Universal Rundle and Hallelujah. DIAMOND AGE started as a “project” creating a track-for-track reinterpretation of Gareth Williams (This Heat) and Mary Currie’s 1985 ultra rare cassette-only release Flaming Tunes. Why record a cover version of a record very few have heard, you ask? Exactly! This was in response to the years of indie music “game playing” – Why not just do something for love of the music?! The album was recorded on 4-track and a old laptop with limitations and mistakes as the rules for creating a “genuine” tribute to the record. Upon completion, Leer came into contact with and sent copies to This Heat’s Charles Hayward, who forwarded copies to Marie Currie, Charles Bullen, and Mick Hobbs (The Work / Family Fodder / Jad Fair collaborator). Hobbs was subsequently working on a reissue of the nearly forgotten release. The response was far beyond what was intended… Hobbs offered to release the cover version in conjunction to the Flaming Tunes reissue. Life and Living Records (UK) released Beguiling the Hours in late January of 2009. Conceived as a recording project with no regard for how the album could be performed live, there were early attempts at getting Denton musician friends to perform the album as a one-off show. This never came to fruition. The logistics of getting people to learn the material, schedule practices, get a rehearsal space, etc. for a one-off show was too reminiscent of the old days. Shortly after Beguiling the Hours was released, Leer helped produce the Lobisomem album Onze Pedras (tall corn records) adding guitar, synths, beats, and additional editing and arranging as well as contributing a track to the remix album Onze Pedras Atiradas. Through some heavy coercing by New Fumes’ Daniel Huffman, and some new gear acquisition to pull off all the parts by one person, 2010 marked a return to live performing, playing new material and selections from Beguiling the Hours. This started a steady string of live performance, writing, and recording. By the end of 2012, DIAMOND AGE had played nearly 100 shows and had completed Broken World to be released on POUR LE CORPS. The 60 minute, 13 track cassette / mp3 release, conceived as a “Double EP” – each 30 min side of the cassette a separate EP for the shortened attention spans of todays fast-paced world!

Broken World will be released March 2013.